1183. Trustee

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(a) In General.— If the United States trustee has appointed an individual under 586(b) of title 28 to serve as standing trustee in cases under this subchapter, and if such individual qualifies as a trustee under section 322 of this title, then that individual shall serve as trustee in any case under this subchapter. Otherwise, the United States trustee shall appoint one disinterested person to serve as trustee in the case or the United States trustee may serve as trustee in the case, as necessary.
(b) Duties.—The trustee shall—
(1) perform the duties specified in paragraphs (2), (5), (7), and (9) of section 704 (a) of this title;
(2) perform the duties specified in paragraphs (3)(4), and (7) of section 1106(a) of this title, if the court, for cause and on request of a party in interest, the trustee, or the United States trustee, so orders;
(3) appear and be heard at the status conference under section 1188 of this title and any hearing that concerns—
(A)  the value of property subject to a lien;
(B) confirmation of a plan filed under this subchapter;
(C) modification of the plan after confirmation; or
(D) the sale of property of the estate;
(4) ensure that the debtor commences making timely payments required by a plan confirmed under this subchapter;
(5) if the debtor ceases to be a debtor in possession, perform the duties specified in section 704(a)(8) and paragraphs (1), (2), and (6) of section 1106 (a) of this title, including operating the business of the debtor;
(6) if there is a claim for a domestic support obligation with respect to the debtor, perform the duties specified in section 704 (c) of this title; and
(7) facilitate the development of a consensual plan of reorganization.
(c) Termination of Trustee Service.—
(1) In general.—
If the plan of the debtor is confirmed under section 1191(a) of this title, the service of the trustee in the case shall terminate when the plan has been substantially consummated, except that the United States trustee may reappoint a trustee as needed for performance of duties under subsection (b)(3)(C) of this section and section 1185(a) of this title.
(2) Service of notice of substantial consummation.—
Not later than 14 days after the plan of the debtor is substantially consummated, the debtor shall file with the court and serve on the trustee, the United States trustee, and all parties in interest notice of such substantial consummation.



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