347. Unclaimed property

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(a) Ninety days after the final distribution under section 726, 1194(*) ,1226, or 1326 of this title in a case under chapter 7, subchapter V of chapter 11(*), 12, or 13 of this title, as the case may be, the trustee shall stop payment on any check remaining unpaid, and any remaining property of the estate shall be paid into the court and disposed of under chapter 129 of title 28.
(b) Any security, money, or other property remaining unclaimed at the expiration of the time allowed in a case under chapter 9, 11, or 12 of this title for the presentation of a security or the performance of any other act as a condition to participation in the distribution under any plan confirmed under section 943(b), 1129, 1173, 1191(**), or 1225 of this title, as the case may be, becomes the property of the debtor or of the entity acquiring the assets of the debtor under the plan, as the case may be.


(*) Small Business Reorganization Act, Pub. L. 116-54 effective February 19, 2020.
(**) Subject to the CARES Act (signed into law March 27, 2020), certain modifications were made to the Small Business Reorganization Act, including raising the debt limit to $7,500,000. All changes to the SBRA by the CARES Act are scheduled to sunset on March 27, 2021, unless adjusted by Congress.