Rule 9034. Transmittal of Pleadings, Motion Papers, Objections, And Other Papers to the United States Trustee

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Unless the United States trustee requests otherwise or the case is a chapter 9 municipality case, any entity that files a pleading, motion, objection, or similar paper relating to any of the following matters shall transmit a copy thereof to the United States trustee within the time required by these rules for service of the paper:
(a) a proposed use, sale, or lease of property of the estate other than in the ordinary course of business;
(b) the approval of a compromise or settlement of a controversy;
(c) the dismissal or conversion of a case to another chapter;
(d) the employment of professional persons;
(e) an application for compensation or reimbursement of expenses;
(f) a motion for, or approval of an agreement relating to, the use of cash collateral or authority to obtain credit;
(g) the appointment of a trustee or examiner in a chapter 11 reorganization case;
(h) the approval of a disclosure statement;
(i) the confirmation of a plan;
(j) an objection to, or waiver or revocation of, the debtor's discharge;
(k) any other matter in which the United States trustee requests copies of filed papers or the court orders copies transmitted to the United States trustee.

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