Rule 9009. Forms

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(a) Official Forms. The Official Forms prescribed by the Judicial Conference of the United States shall be used without alteration, except as otherwise provided in these rules, in a particular Official Form, or in the national instructions for a particular Official Form. Official Forms may be modified to permit minor changes not affecting wording or the order of presenting information, including changes that:
(1) expand the prescribed areas for responses in order to permit complete responses;
(2) delete space not needed for responses; or
(3) delete items requiring detail in a question or category if the filer indicates—either by checking “no” or “none” or by stating in words—that there is nothing to report on that question or category.
(b) Director's Forms.The Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts may issue additional forms for use under the Code.
(c) Construction.The forms shall be construed to be consistent with these rules and the Code.

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