Rule 8005. Election to Have an Appeal Heard by the District Court Instead of the BAP

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(a) Filing of a statement of election. To elect to have an appeal heard by the district court, a party must:
(1) file a statement of election that conforms substantially to the appropriate Official Form; and
(2) do so within the time prescribed by 28 U.S.C. § 158(c)(1).
(b) Transmitting the documents related to the Appeal. Upon receiving an appellant’s timely statement of election, the bankruptcy clerk must transmit to the district clerk all documents related to the appeal. Upon receiving a timely statement of election by a party other than the appellant, the BAP clerk must transmit to the district clerk all documents related to the appeal and notify the bankruptcy clerk of the transmission.
(c) Determine the validity of an election. A party seeking a determination of the validity of an election must file a motion in the court where the appeal is then pending. The motion must be filed within 14 days after the statement of election is filed.
(d) Motion for leave without a Notice of Appeal - Effect on the timing of an election. If an appellant moves for leave to appeal under Rule 8004 but fails to file a separate notice of appeal with the motion, the motion must be treated as a notice of appeal for purposes of determining the timeliness of a statement of election.