Rule 3015.1. Requirements for a Local Form for Plans Filed in a Chapter 13 Case

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Notwithstanding Rule 9029(a)(1), a district may require that a Local Form for a plan filed in a chapter 13 case be used instead of an Official Form adopted for that purpose if the following conditions are satisfied:
(a) a single Local Form is adopted for the district after public notice and an opportunity for public comment;
(b) each paragraph is numbered and labeled in boldface type with a heading stating the general subject matter of the paragraph;
(c) the Local Form includes an initial paragraph for the debtor to indicate that the plan does or does not:
(1) contain any nonstandard provision;
(2) limit the amount of a secured claim based on a valuation of the collateral for the claim; or
(3) avoid a security interest or lien;
(d) the Local Form contains separate paragraphs for:
(1) curing any default and maintaining payments on a claim secured by the debtor’s principal residence;
(2) paying a domestic-support obligation;
(3) paying a claim described in the final paragraph of § 1325(a) of the Bankruptcy Code; and
(4) surrendering property that secures a claim with a request that the stay under §§ 362(a) and 1301(a) be terminated as to the surrendered collateral; and
(e) the Local Form contains a final paragraph for: (1) the placement of nonstandard provisions, as defined in Rule 3015 (c), along with a statement that any nonstandard provision placed elsewhere in the plan is void; (2) certification by the debtor’s attorney or by an unrepresented debtor that the plan contains no nonstandard provision other than those set out in the final paragraph.


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